Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 2011 Foot Print for the Town of Plymouth

Our engineer, Don Bracken, has submitted the 34' x 40' footprint to the Town of Plymouth. The Conservation Board meeting is at the end of November. They don't care what we do to the inside, so I'm playing around with different options for using the space. This is only for the first floor, havn't tackled the roofline, or the second floor yet. Finished basement is last on the list.

 This has a nice separate TV area on the street side of the house. And the mud room has the option of being closed off from the rest of the house along with the stairway.

 More open floor plan, no separate mud room area,,, yet.

     Another version with a smaller bedroom and bathroom. Not sure how to get to the downstairs. Access the stairs in the middle??

  Version 2 measurements, but no components put in it yet. The 10' by 12' area at the top right is for a rug to hold the seating looking out to the pond.

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